Colouring from back in the day

A Transformers cover I coloured 15 years ago (!), drawn by Guido Guidi. Everything I learned about colouring I learned at Dreamwave Productions, mostly from working with Ramil Sunga.



UI Test: Superhero HUD

A UI art test I was asked to do in 48-hours, based on Superhero-themed free RPG. The only art direction provided was a background illustration (blurred below). Based on the rendering, I went with the Art-Deco motif of Golden Age comics, with a hat tip to Max Fleischer cartoons and Batman: The Animated Series.

Battlefy Study

Battlefy is a online service specializing in provide the tournament management tools for esports. I was asked to review their  UX and redesign a single aspect of it, based on what I believed their product and experience goals were, in the span of a week. 

This exercise is divided into three parts.

  • I pitched an ambitious product goal. In a perfect world, whenever people wanted to play esports for money, their first choice would be Battlefy. 

  • I provided a general overview on some of the current issues and roadblocks in Battlefy's design.

  • I redesigned their Find Tournamentspage, recommending incremental changes to the design that would help Battlefy steer towards this goal.