What’s inside Me? area of Bodyworks.


¶ Graphic Design & Illustration 
¶ November 2006

Science World: Rob Lunde (curator and content development), Jodie Braaten (3D design), Margot McLaren (lead graphic design), Talent Pun (graphic design, illustration), Ramil Sunga (illustration), Milah Woo, Viviane Gosselin (project management)

Bodyworks is a 3500 sq-ft exhibition at Science World that introduces visitors to the science of human biology. Working with designers Jodie Braaten and Margot McLaren, I illustrated most of the content for the What’s Inside Me? area.

With the assistance of CG/comic artist Ramil Sunga, we illustrated a series of wall-sized comic panels that told the story of two explorers, Art and Spleen, traveling through the skeletal, circulatory and digestive systems. I did the layout, pencils, lettering and character design; Ramil did the final coloring and rendering of the comics themselves.


Details of comic panels for Digestion Wall; Heart Drum.

Illustration for interactive heart drum.

Close-up of character cut-out

Character Sheet for Art and Spleen, Professional Body Explorers.