Screenshots from the app, featuring redrawn characters, backgrounds and touch-triggered effects.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

October 2013

Credits: Talent Pun (Design,  Art Direction), Colin Cove, Mark Carter, Mars Dong (Engineers), Tracy Tsui, Tiphanie Lau (Designers)


Produced by Loud Crow Interactive, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is an adaptation of the original 1973 TV special into an interactive children’s book for iOS and Android. As lead designer I storyboarded the project, designed the look, feel and interactions for the book, and did a whack of the animation and production.

One of the goals of the project was to make each spread of the book feel like a living illustration. Like a pop-up or soft book, we wanted to appeal to early readers by creating a reading experience that was as tactile and toy-like as possible. The characters were redrawn and reconstructed as puppets with rag-doll physics, while the backgrounds were separated to respond to the tilt of a mobile device.


Cover, opening sequence.


Rag-doll Sally.


Toast popping.