Complete entry of the gallery. The infographic begins outside the gallery and spills into the interior.

Our World: A BMO Sustainability Gallery

¶ Graphic Design & Illustration 
¶ October 2011

Science World: Rob Lunde (curator and content development), Jodie Braaten (3D Design), Talent Pun (graphic design and illustration), Amber Didow, Linda Flegl (project management)

Our World is a smaller, 2500 sq-ft sustainability gallery at Science World, British Columbia. I was brought on late to the project. I designed, produced,  managed the install of all the wall graphics and signage in two months.

One of the goals was to produce a dramatic and engaging entry that would lure visitors to it’s corner location. With a limited budget of less than $4000, I designed a large vinyl treatment that integrated a 20-ft long infographic on human growth and consumption. Starting at the entry and spanning the length of the gallery, wall mounted LCD counters track world population growth, consumption and waste. The sheer length of the graphic represents the scale and magnitude of these massive numbers.

An infographic with wall-mounted counters track the escalating amount of oil, water, and food being consumed.

Waste tubes.

Food Area with waste sorting game.

Recycling sorting game.