Animal mural I illustrated, at the entrance of the gallery.

Sara Stern Search Gallery

¶ Graphic Design & Illustration 
¶ April 2008

Science World: Rob Lunde, Rhoda Klein (curator and content development), Jodie Braaten (3D Design), Margot McLaren (lead graphic design), Talent Pun (graphic design and illustration), Amber Didow, Chris Thompson (project management)

The Sara Stern Search Gallery is a 6000 sq-ft natural history gallery at Science World, British Columbia. Designed with Jodie Braaten and Margot McLaren, I was primarily responsible for graphic elements that required a large amount of original illustration or ideation, as well as light interactives such as the donor wall, animal weight-scale and animal magnet wall.

My most significant contribution to the Gallery was the design and illustration of a series of wall murals, showcasing living animals, deadly creatures, and prehistoric creatures all at life size.

Gallery of wall murals depicting animal diversity. All the animals were reproduced at life-size.

Illustration for Animal Weigh scale. 

Magnet puzzle that allows visitors to mix-and-match animals.

Close-up of donor wall. Donors names are printed on resin-cast insects, to be viewed through a magnifier.