The Problem We All Live With II

The Problem We All Live With II next to a reproduction of the original.

So I spent the past month drawing a sequel to a Norman Rockwell painting. Because. 

The drawing is 48-inches long, with a couple of inches added for margins. You can see the drawing spilling over the edge of my drafting table.

The Problem We All Live With II, 48″ x 12″, Conté pencil on toned paper. 

I'm not a particularly political person. But the idea for the drawing occurred to me a few months ago, as the controversy surrounding the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown began to wane. For whatever reason, I was reminded of Rockwell's painting, The Problem We All Live With, which commemorated Ruby Bridges ordeal as she attended a desegregated all-White School. I always admired it as a perfect illustration, one which separated and removed all the chaff and white noise surrounding an issue to reveal the humanity and beauty at it's core.

For some reason, It just feels appropriate now to extend the illustration and shove in 'everything else.' Simply 'caring' — about humanity — seems quaint. 

I will try to write more about the piece in the future.

You can  view the full project here.